Time Capsule 2017

If you are at all familiar with my blog, you know I do an annual time capsule. I do it for myself, and I offer to serve as time capsule keeper for those who want to participate. Some people have done it every year, while others have jumped in and out of the project as they please. It's super informal and really just a way for me to learn about your insecurities.

The Name Change

I wasn't thinking about how asking 8 incredibly intelligent, thoughtful and eloquent ladies about a difficult question would lead to such a lengthy blog post, but please bear with me. This post has so many voices, and I think this might be my favorite post yet.

How to Plan a Wedding

As most of you know, I am getting married in late June to a wonderful guy. Like all other brides, I am the keeper of all secrets related to planning a wedding. I could plan one in my sleep. In fact, I do! Let me save all you future brides some trouble and bestow my wisdom and knowledge upon you, in 20 easy-to-follow steps:

2017 Resolutions

Last night I rang in the new year at a bar that must have been converted from an alleyway, now serving craft cocktails just a few doors down the cross-street formerly known as crack corner. Austin has changed a lot, but me: not so much.