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Time Capsule 2017

Time Capsule 2017

Okay, I just started a lengthy intro to something that really doesn't need an explanation.

If you are at all familiar with my blog, you know I do an annual time capsule. I do it for myself, and I offer to serve as time capsule keeper for those who want to participate. Some people have done it every year, while others have jumped in and out of the project as they please. It's super informal and really just a way for me to learn about your insecurities.

Each year it feels like a Christmas present to myself in September, which is when I'd prefer to receive all my presents, really. At the end of a long, hellacious summer, I need something to look forward to, and Halloween is still too far to feel like my deserved reprieve.

Last week I got to open my time capsule letter from 2016 Amira, and it did not disappoint. Some highlights:

Q: What's the most current event in the news you can think of/care about?
A: The presidential election. Donald Trump, omg.
Read: 2016 Amira thought the election was "craaazy" and who could believe such an asshat was running for president? 2017 Amira is still asking a lot of questions and eternally recuperating from her brought-to-you-by-whiskey hangover from the night of November 8th.

Q: What do you want to happen most in your life right now?

Q: What's the last movie you watched?
A: Curly Sue with Rania and Marcus last night. Marcus had never seen it before!
A memory I'd forgotten. This is what I love about time capsules!

But undoubtedly the best time capsule ever recovered is thanks to Amy, who recently found my 10-year-old LiveJournal. I have looked for that journal several times with no luck, but sleuthing Amy surprised me with it last week. HERE IT IS. Note The Strokes profile pic with the Interpol blog title and Spoon-affiliated username. Yeah. I was so cool.

Reading through the posts, I'd forgotten 90% of what happened in them. Most strikingly, I'd forgotten how young and dumb I was in high school. Not that I did anything particularly stupid - but man, was I immature. I am guessing I eventually made my journal private because I wanted to talk about my mom being sick (I think?) since the timing lines up, and now I kind of understand why people tell me, "Wow, you were so young when she died."

In my head, I had already been living out of my parents' house for 4 years, had a part-time job and was a full-time college student dealing with real-life shit. I didn't feel particularly "young." But reading my posts around that time, I realize I didn't really know anything. I was still proud of my grade on my Calculus final. I was sending cryptic messages to my high school crush through the interwebs. I was going to screamo shows at the ol' Georgetown gazebo. And my mom was dying.

It was definitely bittersweet to stumble across this as the 10th anniversary of my mom's death approaches, but it's also served as a nostalgic trip through everything else that was going on at the time. Even at the climax of one of the most life-changing events I've experienced, I was still concerned about school, my job and relationships. And that never changed; life continued on. After so many years of that time period only bringing up painful memories, it's nice to remember the more fun, albeit awkward, concurrent events a little more vividly. That's the point of time capsules, right? To better remember what life was really like at a certain point in your life, a holistic view of who you were and how you felt. 

So now I have letters to myself, plus this blog. I can't wait to read this post 10 years from now and think, "HAHAHAHA AMIRA YOU WERE SO DUMB" as I lie in my grave because Trump got re-elected and I had to draw the line somewhere.

Anyway, if you'd like to do a time capsule, please email me at amira.haddon@gmail.com or fill out the Contact form

PS: RIP Hermie, the best pet hermit crab known to man.

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