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Time Capsule 2016

I started a little time capsule project a few years ago to help me remember the old adage, "This too shall pass." It had been a rough week for (not surprisingly) forgettable reasons, except that it was also the week Robin Williams had died. I will never need a letter to remind me where I was or how I felt when I heard this terrible, heartbreaking news. But really, most circumstances or events that make me cry or make suicidal jokes are forgotten over time. Unless, of course, you write it down so that you can laugh about it a year later (or feel bitter - your choice!) Or sometimes it takes more like 4-8 years to put unfortunate things in our past.

I love that different people have opted to participate over the past few years, and thought I'd extend another invite this year. All you have to do is contact me and I'll send you this year's questions + options for getting your answers to me.

I really enjoy reading people's responses when they come in. It's like what I imagine snooping in other people's journals must feel like. Plus, it's an opportunity to feel better about myself, because I'm reminded that I'm not the only person who feels lost in life. I think I just revealed that I'm a shitty person? Consider it my fee for this service! But really, you can request that I don't read your letter / watch your video and I promise I'll heed.

And now, my letter from 2015 Amira:

  • What was the biggest surprise you experienced this past year, since your first letter?
    • "I'm still at Accruent, HA!"
    • Update: After 3.5 years, I am no longer employed at Accruent.
  • Did you accomplish what you wanted? Why or why not?
    • "My goal was to get into documentaries, and I did get involved with one to the point that I might actually get a credit? But I don't think it's where my future career lies. So at least I know."
    • Update: I got two credits! One for my rotoscoped cameo and one as an intern. TOWER premiered at this year's SXSW and has since been released widely! So exciting.
  • Do you have anything fun planned?
    • "A trip to Victoria, BC for User Forum, tentatively. Maybe seeing Dad in SLC. Maybe a Halloween movie marathon night. That's all."
    • Update: All that happened. I loved Victoria, despite working long days for the user conference the marketing team was hosting. Marcus got to come with me to SLC and meet my dad, and Halloween movies were abundant in the Jensen household.
  • What is your favorite recent memory?
    • "Barbarella with Marcus two nights ago. He'd never been."
    • Update: I really miss Barbarella.
  • Where are you right now?
    • "On the couch at the Booths, housesitting while they're on their honeymoon."
    • Update: Well, I am sitting on my bed right now. Amy & Ryan don't live in Austin anymore. :(
  • Where is your favorite place to go outside of home?
    • "Really, anywhere with Marcus. Location-specific, probably still Whole Foods downtown."
    • Update: I HATE hanging out with Marcus. UGH.

But really, we just got engaged.

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2017 Resolutions

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