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All the Vacations

You know when you're struggling to perform everyday tasks and you feel like you have to go on vacation RIGHT NOW, THIS VERY SECOND? I didn't until last month, when I totally forgot that I had fun plans just weeks ahead and hastily made weekend plans to check out Luling by myself. To make it even more adventurous, I reserved a tiny house from Tiny Texas House.


I unknowingly booked one of the bigger tiny houses on their expansive lot and arrived mid-Saturday several weekends ago. My house didn't have wi-fi, so I spent the afternoon coloring, reading, exploring the grounds and lying as still as possible as I melted in front of the window unit. My favorite part was walking down to the manmade cave, where people are invited to take a mud bath (I couldn't figure out the logistics of bathing without getting everything I brought dirty, so instead I just looked on and said "oooo!") My least favorite part was the tour I received when I first arrived, when the guide told me one of the muddy ponds was "clothing optional" and then realized it was the pond closest to the owner's house. Hm. I also didn't love that the door to my house didn't lock, but that's what staying up all night in mild fear and boredom is for.

On Labor Day weekend, I joined my friend Clarisa and her friends for a weekend at her parent's vacation home in Port Mansfield. It was a weekend of long drives, beautiful views, girly movies and face masks. My favorite part was when we willingly drove into a hurricane the day we trekked down to South Padre Island. My least favorite part was when I found out my car A/C can't stand up to 5 hours of relentless sun. Screw you, car.


And, just a few weeks later, I got a break from the Texas heat when Marcus and I visited our lovely friends Amy & Ryan in L.A. for a week. I've really missed this gorgeous couple since they moved to the west coast earlier this year. They were the most amazing hosts who graciously carted us around to ensure we got to do everything we wanted. I was so grateful to visit my uncle, who's been in the hospital several months and on the mend after an awful motorcycle accident. We also saw friends, got drinks at Bar Marmont, visited the Griffith Observatory, had a day in Seal Beach, and spent a weekend with Ryan's siblings in San Francisco. On the way up, we stopped at the iconic Madonna Inn, one of the kitschiest places I've ever visited in my life. My favorite part was being surrounded by beautiful scenery while we soaked in the outdoor hottub. My least favorite part was the children next door who screamed and cried throughout the night. Screw you, little monsters.


We also went to Disneyland the day before we left. If you know me, you can guess I lost my mind there. I love anything a 5-year-old would be into, and I rode my first bona fide roller coaster. I'm an adult, now!

Now it's time to hunker back into real life and work mode. It's crazy how hard it can be to adjust back to what your regular life is like after you spend a week with your best friends and few fucks to give. Probably because I give too many fucks about real life. Am I getting good sleep? Am I exercising enough? Am I wasting my life and doomed to never amount to anything? These are the questions that plague me.

Luckily the weather is starting to cool down, which always helps me feel a little less crazy and more like I'm right where I should be. For now, at least.

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